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travel adventures inspired me in the UK
traveling in Scotland and the UK

¬†Hello! I’m Melissa and welcome to my travel outlet!

This site will be like my personal journal so that I can unload and write about all of my travel adventures. I spent almost a year living and studying in the UK. During this time I was fortunate enough to be able to explore the country, including Scotland and Ireland. While exploring all of the old castles and mansions of times gone by, an interest was sparked. I decided it was time to start educating myself in a new way. Although I was learning so much from traveling on my own, I became seriously interested in the landscape and the history of England and Scotland.

I stayed in so many small villages with the local people and was able to hear their stories and experience the immensity of history that exists in this magical country. One evening, while staying on a farm exchanging work for a place to sleep and a meal a day, the owner of the household handed me a book. This book was Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott, the book that modern day renditions of the tale of Robin Hood come from. I never knew this childhood fairy tale actually came from a real legend! I thought it was a story made up by Disney to entertain small children.

So why Ivanhoe Outlet?

Anyway, I read this book Ivanhoe, and was absolutely captivated. While traveling around the country and reading the tale from which the legend was made so famous was absolutely magical to me. In every castle I visited I imagined the great legend. Every forest I walked through I pictured the outlaws hiding in the bushes. My time spent in the UK and especially Scotland has had such an impact on my life, hence the naming of my blog the “Ivanhoe Outlet”. This is my own personal outlet to share with the world by loves, hopes, fears, plans for the future, and favorite travel moments.

I would love to be able to share my experiences and ideas with the world, the same way Locksley (Robin Hood in the novel) shares the wealth of the rich with the poor.

Thanks for checking out my site, and feel free to reach out with any questions.