Staying Safe in Santiago Chile

Santiago is capital and largest city of Chile. It is known for its modern look, shopping centers, and stunning high-rise architecture.  It is a buzzing metropolitan area, which only gets more popular with each passing year.

To get around Santiago is easy. It hosts one of the best underground Metro’s in the world. It is extremely efficient, safe and clean. You will quickly get from one side of the city to the other.

A few good places to visit in Santiago are Cerro Santa Lucia Hill, Santa Lucia Craft Market, Paris Londres Neighborhood, Patio Bellavista, Plaza de Armas, and La Moneda.

Tips for Staying Safe in Santiago

When traveling into Santiago Chile, whether it is by boat, car, or plane your belongings can be vulnerable. Chile is known to be a safe place to travel in Latin America, however; there will always be reasons to steal from tourists. As some folks at a fort collins seo company recently informed me, if you have cash, cards, important documents or any other valuables on you, they should be well secured.

Every precaution you take will assist in avoiding potential problems.  Prior to leaving for your trip, get some information as to the general layout of the Santiago Chile airport. This will help in locating taxi’s, or pickup points, and avoid putting yourself in less desirable situations. It is a good idea to take the airport limousine, or get a hotel pick up.

Always try and keep your wallet and valuables secured and safe in a handbag or in your hand luggage. Having travelers lock securing your bags from petty theft is also a good idea.

Before leaving for your trip, transfer some money into the local currency. This way you have less to think about, and will prevent you from pulling out a large amount of money at the airport arrivals.

Try not to draw unnecessary attention to the fact that you are carrying so much money.  Have available a small amount of the local currency. This should be separate from the majority of your traveling money, and can be used for the ride into town, and unforeseen needs like toll ways or a water bottle.

Santiago Chile is really very safe, but it is advised wherever you travel to take as many precautions as possible. This way you will not put a damper on the most important thing, having a great holiday.

Top 5 Best Long Distance Treks in Peru

Are you ready to do some trekking in Peru? Get ready to discover some of the best treks in the world. Peru has it all, a beautiful coast, fascinating jungle and mountains galore. It also has the world’s deepest canyon, plenty of mountain ranges to explore and unique cloud forests that can’t be missed. Every landscape will mesmerize you so make sure you bring along your camera to capture once in a lifetime views. The amazing treks listed below are the best in the region and worth adding to your bucket list.

Trek to Choquequirao, Abancay

Choqueruirao, also known as Machu Picchu’s sister ruins, is an incredible adventure to discover, especially for history and archeology enthusiasts. This trek is for moderate level explorers that are ready to explore this fascinating ancient world. You can take a cable car up to the ruins, which takes about fifteen minutes, when available. Or, you can choose to take a wild four-day trek and discover a multitude of jungle life and more. You will trek up to the citadel, which is known to be the last refuge of the Inca.

Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu

If you are looking for an alternative to the Inca trail, you found it in this trek. It has a five-day approach to Machu Picchu which includes natural scenery, cloud forests, friendly farmers that offer their organic grown coffee, and a close-up view of the Llactapata ruins. This trek requires a five-day commitment and is for moderate skill trekkers.

Trek to Quilcayhuanca and Cojup Valleys  

If you enjoy a challenge and have the skill set to match, you will be happy to participate in this four-day trek beginning at Pitec and ending Llupa. You will hike harder than you ever have before as you explore this amazing area. You’ll need to carry your own gear since pack animals don’t go on routes ascending to 5000m. You will carry your pack through incredible russet-trunked qenuas where you will see trees kissing the sky since they are growing at one of the highest altitudes in the world.  

Trek to Catarata de Gocta, Kuelap and Vira Vira Chachapoyas

Chachapoyas is a northern Peruvian town that provides you with trekking that you will never forget. Moderately skilled hikers will enjoy this amazing trek out to archeological sites. This trek takes ten days, sometimes it can be completed in seven. You will explore Kuelep, the area’s most popular ruin, in addition to several more. Along the way, you will see one of the largest waterfalls in the world which are hidden in a dense jungle and careens over a 770m cliff.

Trek to Ausangate, Andahuaylillas

This trek is for moderate to challenging hikers. You will explore seven days of this stunningly beautiful trek. The entire trek is filled with Inca mythology and an incredible sacred mountain. As you hike along you will come across rainbow-colored rock strata that will captivate you.

Are you ready to explore multi-day trekking in Peru through the world’s most amazing ruins?