Philadelphia, the land of the Liberty Bell

What to do while visiting Philly

Philadelphia, the land of the Liberty Bell, the Declaration of Independence, and the Philly Cheesesteak. Situated between Washington, D.C. and New York City, Philadelphia is often overlooked as a travel destination in lieu of bigger cities. However, if you find yourself pining for a city steeped in history, charm, and adventure, you can certainly get your fill in Philadelphia.

Although obvious, a trip to Philadelphia warrants a stop at the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and City Hall. The United States of America owes her roots to this city, and Philadelphians are proud to show it off to you. Take a tour through Independence Hall and imagine the great minds who walked those very halls as you, the history that was made there, and the future that was made possible. Be sure to try and make your way to a few of the dozens museums that Philadelphia boasts, especially the University of Pennsylvania’s Museum of Archaeology, which has one of the largest and most extensive collections of archaeological material in the United States.

After you learn about the American Revolution and a birth of a nation, you certainly will want to indulge in a traditional Philly Cheesesteak. While there is certainly no shortage of places to choose from, some establishments stand out from the rest. Jim’s Steaks, since 1939, is a local favorite of regional delicacy. Pat’s and Geno’s are two other eateries that skim the heels of Jim’s, close in competition. But honestly… with a sandwich as good as a Philly, you would be hard pressed to find a bad one.

Best Food in Philadelphia

While on the topic of food, be sure to take a visit to Reading Terminal Market, just down the block from City Hall. This bustling stop will have your mouth watering before you get two feet inside. With eateries and little shops from all different interests, you will find whatever your heart desires. Reading Terminal Market is a tradition to locals and they are more than happy to share it with you!

Philadelphia is a city of many nations, all nestled together to form one eclectic and vibrant culture. The city’s Chinatown is one of my favorite areas in the city. The Friendship Arch on 10th street is a symbol of hope, pride, and, of course, friendship. The neighborhood originated in the mid 19th century by Cantonese immigrants and grew to be a vibrant, colorful, and immersive enclave of Philadelphia. The neighborhood is tightly packed with regions representing Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam (to just name a few!).

If you’re in need of something a little more relaxing, take a stroll along the Schuylkill River trail. The 30-mile trail which starts in center Philadelphia and ends in Parkerford, PA leaves you with plenty of sights and options to tackle. From the Philly skyline to Valley Forge, this trail is certain to lead you on a beautiful tour of the area.

The city of brotherly love does not fall short on culture, recreation, and leisure. The world is at your fingertips in this city, all you have to do is take it and enjoy.

Top 5 Best Long Distance Treks in Peru

Are you ready to do some trekking in Peru? Get ready to discover some of the best treks in the world. Peru has it all, a beautiful coast, fascinating jungle and mountains galore. It also has the world’s deepest canyon, plenty of mountain ranges to explore and unique cloud forests that can’t be missed. Every landscape will mesmerize you so make sure you bring along your camera to capture once in a lifetime views. The amazing treks listed below are the best in the region and worth adding to your bucket list.

Trek to Choquequirao, Abancay

Choqueruirao, also known as Machu Picchu’s sister ruins, is an incredible adventure to discover, especially for history and archeology enthusiasts. This trek is for moderate level explorers that are ready to explore this fascinating ancient world. You can take a cable car up to the ruins, which takes about fifteen minutes, when available. Or, you can choose to take a wild four-day trek and discover a multitude of jungle life and more. You will trek up to the citadel, which is known to be the last refuge of the Inca.

Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu

If you are looking for an alternative to the Inca trail, you found it in this trek. It has a five-day approach to Machu Picchu which includes natural scenery, cloud forests, friendly farmers that offer their organic grown coffee, and a close-up view of the Llactapata ruins. This trek requires a five-day commitment and is for moderate skill trekkers.

Trek to Quilcayhuanca and Cojup Valleys  

If you enjoy a challenge and have the skill set to match, you will be happy to participate in this four-day trek beginning at Pitec and ending Llupa. You will hike harder than you ever have before as you explore this amazing area. You’ll need to carry your own gear since pack animals don’t go on routes ascending to 5000m. You will carry your pack through incredible russet-trunked qenuas where you will see trees kissing the sky since they are growing at one of the highest altitudes in the world.  

Trek to Catarata de Gocta, Kuelap and Vira Vira Chachapoyas

Chachapoyas is a northern Peruvian town that provides you with trekking that you will never forget. Moderately skilled hikers will enjoy this amazing trek out to archeological sites. This trek takes ten days, sometimes it can be completed in seven. You will explore Kuelep, the area’s most popular ruin, in addition to several more. Along the way, you will see one of the largest waterfalls in the world which are hidden in a dense jungle and careens over a 770m cliff.

Trek to Ausangate, Andahuaylillas

This trek is for moderate to challenging hikers. You will explore seven days of this stunningly beautiful trek. The entire trek is filled with Inca mythology and an incredible sacred mountain. As you hike along you will come across rainbow-colored rock strata that will captivate you.

Are you ready to explore multi-day trekking in Peru through the world’s most amazing ruins?


Best Countries To Visit For A Culinary Experiance

Looking for a culinary experience to amaze your taste buds?

Travelling is all about experiencing different cultures and what better way to do this than getting a taste of their very own specialty dishes. If you’re travelling the world to find the best flavors, here is a list of countries that will surely satisfy the foodie in you!

  1. France

France is popular for many things, the reason why the place is always looming with tourists all season long. Over there we will find the iconic Eiffel tower, the Louvre, and of course, the beautiful French Riviera. But if there’s one thing you should not miss out while you’re in France, it would be the taste of authentic French cuisine. France is home to the original baguette and croissant. While these two is found almost everywhere in the world, it is only in France where something as simple as bread could look and taste gourmet. Never miss out on their favorite desserts like soufflés, crème brûlée and chocolate mousse. If you’re into savory dishes, try out their famous Escargot which is basically buttered snails!

  1. Japan

If you find yourself seeking for a more authentic experience while eating at your favorite hibachi grill, get a ticket, fly to japan and taste the real deal (If life was that easy, am I right?).  menu items may be difficult to read and pronounce for non-native speakers, but Japanese food is certainly easy on the taste buds. The land off the rising sun as what the country is popularly called, houses the best ramen noodle bars and restaurants that serve yakitori or grilled chicken and vegetable skewers. And of course, who would go visit japan and not have the pleasure of enjoying fresh sushi and sashimi!

  1. Italy

Italians are proud of their culinary achievements. So if you ever find yourself in Italy to visit the Florence cathedral or take a photo with the leaning tower of pisa, don’t forget to have a cup of special Italian brewed coffee. Have some of their delicious risottos and al dente pastas. For dessert, you can never go wrong with gelato of a flavor of your choice. Finally, it’s a sin to leave Italy without ordering their legendary Neopolitan-style pizza and Roman-style pizza. Just don’t go looking for pineapples on your pan!

  1. Mexico

Mexico is a popular tourist destination because of the weather, the sights, and of course, the food! We all know that this place is all about their enchiladas, tacos, and quesadillas. Don’t leave Mexico without trying Chilaquiles, Tostadas, Elote, Mole, and Chiles en nogada. Taco bell may not be giving us the satisfaction we deserve when it comes to Mexican cuisine!

  1. Indonesia

If you’re into spicy food, visit Indonesia for some authentic Nasi Goreng which is the country’s national dish. This version of fried rice is seasoned with sweetened soy sauce or ketchup and topped with carrots, cucumber, and acar. Ayam gureng is also a must try. This savory dish is basically the best tasting fried chicken in the country. The secret behind this flavorsome food is the use of organic bird meat from small village birds. The beauty of Bali is not the only thing that will keep you coming back to Indonesia.

  1. Greece

Greece is on everybody’s travel bucket list. And why should it not be? Just looking at pictures of Santorini will make you fall in love with the place instantly. But there is more to Greece than just the sights. The country also takes pride with their food especially Souvlaki which is basically grilled marinated pork on a stick. Greece is also well-known for Mousaka which is an eggplant-based dish which tastes best when home-made. So never say no to Greek hospitality!

  1. China

China is also a great travel destination for food. Although Chinese buffets and takeout is pretty popular, do not think, even for a second, that you know what authentic Chinese dishes taste like until you come to visit China and have a bite of their traditional food. Try chop seuy which is a healthy mix of vegetables sautéed in savory sauce. Chinese restaurants also make hand-pulled noodles that taste like heaven!


4 Romantic Travel Destinations

Looking for the perfect place to propose, spend your honeymoon with your bride, celebrate your anniversary, or rekindle romance? Here is a list of romantic travel destinations that will make you fall in love over and over again.


  1. The Maldives

The small island of Maldives is located south-west of Sri Lanka and India in the Indian Ocean. This paradise is the perfect travel destination for couples who want to spend some alone time with each other. The Maldives is popular for its white sand beach, crystal clear lagoons, and wide-ranging coral reefs. But wait! There is more to the Maldives than its cool, blue waters. This island offers a lot of activities that will feed your adventurous souls. Go scuba diving, swimming with whale sharks, snorkeling, dolphin sighting, island hopping, surfing, and paddle boarding. If you are looking for a relaxer, try out their infamous Balinese massage or treat yourselves to a spa. And of course, never miss out the opportunity to spend a romantic sunset dinner with your special someone. This private meal comes with a bottle of champagne, and your very own waiter. It may just be the perfect time to pop the question!

  1. Venice, Italy

Venice is all about the romance and is the capital of northern Italy’s Veneto region. What makes this place special the fact that it has no roads, just canals. The Grand Canal thoroughfare is ruled with Renaissance and Gothic architecture. Invite your significant other to a gondola ride and be serenaded by a gondolier while enjoying the view of the streets of Venice. Don’t miss the chance to wander around the picturesque city of Venice. Visit the popular St. Mark’s Basilica in Piazza San Marco. If the both of you are into paintings and sculptures, drop by Ponte dell’Accademia which hosts the most exquisite art collection.

  1. Maui, Hawaii

Maui is one of the most romantic travel destinations in the world. This magical island is full of places to see and activities to do for couples who are in for an adventure. Experience Hawaiian and Polynesian style luau feast which is the most popular activity in Maui. The nighttime festivities begin with lively performances and cultural presentations which packages Hawaii’s storytelling and chanting traditions. The highlights of the show are usually from performances delivered by hula and fire dancers.  Stay at Hotel Wailea to get the ultimate Maui experience.

  1. Ladera, St. Lucia

If we are talking about romantic travel destinations, you can never go wrong in choosing a couple’s suite in St. Lucia. The beautiful Ladera resort is one of the most sought-after places to visit. It offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Hire your very own romance concierge or book a whole body massage treatment with your significant other.  Staying in a private resort will surely increase the romance meter to the scale. With no television and wifi to distract the couple’s attention away from each other, Ladera, St. Lucia is the place to be


Come one, come all to the Ivanhoe Travel Outlet


Welcome to the Ivanhoe Travel Outlet, my personal outlet where I can unload all my crazy stories pent up and learned from time spent abroad. I spent almost a year living, studying, and traveling around the UK, with lots of time spent in Scotland. During this time, I had an encounter with a book, a book that many of you may not no has had such an influence on modern day renditions of the legend of Robin Hood. This book – titled Ivanhoe – enthralled me as I was living from village to village in the countryside of Scotland.

My travel outlet

However, this first post is not meant to be a background on me, but rather an overview of my thoughts and plans for the future. My outlet. If you want to learn more about who I am you can take a peek at my about me page. My intent for this site is that it will be an outlet where I will be able to share with the world everything I have come to learn and love so much about traveling. I believe it is necessary for each and every one of us to have an outlet from which to unload not only negative energy, but positive energy as well. My goal with my travel outlet is to provide value while at the same time creating a place for me to store my own thoughts and musings about life abroad.

Need some inspiration to go travel yourself?

What better way to get excited about packing your bags and taking off than to see what others have done and are currently doing. There is an abundance of videos on YouTube, I know. Although it wasn’t easy to choose, this trip around the world video is one of my favorites. Every time I watch it I am excited to start planning my next adventure as it inspires me to visit new places I haven’t been yet.

So, without further ado… 200 Days Around The World