Ivanhoe’s Warehouse Outlet is the trade name for Ivanhoe’s Sports Center Inc.

Ivanhoe Sports Center was started as a retail store in Belmont, Massachusetts by Marty Arnstein in 1960.  In 1961, Marty realized that a larger store was needed, so he relocated two miles away in Watertown, Massachusetts.  At that time, his brother Saul joined Marty and together built Ivanhoe’s Sports Center into the largest volume gun shop in New England.

Twenty five years later, the store was closed and the business was moved to the premises of Interstate Arms Corp, a wholesale firearms distributor located in Billerica, Massachusetts that is also owned by the Arnstein brothers.  Ivanhoe was selling to retail customers from about 400 feet of space that opened to the parking lot.  In 1994, Ivanhoe stopped selling to the general public and became a cop shop selling only to police.

Interstate Arms became a leading distributor of law enforcement firearms and as a result takes thousands of police guns in trade every year.  A decision was made to offer these guns, through Ivanhoe, over the internet, to dealers and the public as well.

Ivanhoe’s Warehouse Outlet is a true outlet selling at discount prices.  Interstate Arms maintains their own website selling only to police officers.