Best 1911 Holsters Reviews and Guide 2022

Best 1911 Holsters

The design of the different holsters fit 1911 perfectly. There are those models that would fit the 1911s with rail and light. The producers of these holsters took into consideration the purpose of this holster. They worked meticulously on its structure to optimize the retention of the gun to ensure it’s comfortable and safe to carry.

The choice of material used in the production aims at ensuring durability and resistance to the intense use of the holster. There are many qualities that producers of the 1911 Holsters had in mind when building this material.

These qualities differ, and that’s why we have put together a review of the Best 1911 Holsters.

When you’re done reading our review, you would have gotten satisfactory answers on the different products available, and you’ll be able to make your choice according to your budget.

Best 1911 Holster

1. 1791 GUNLEATHER 1911 Holster, Right Hand OWB Leather Gun Holster

The 1791 gun leather 1911 Holster is a modern-day holster made from American Steerhide leather.

The holster is double stitched and reinforced to make it lightweight, durable and comfortable to carry around every day. The idea behind the design for this leather is for convenience and concealment, which led the producers to give it a quick draw design to make it the perfect belt holster for your everyday movements.

The design of the 1791 Gunleather’s 1911 Belt Holster offers protection to the firearm and the user. The exterior design gives the holster super retention, which makes it highly reliable. The design interior fits every 3 and 5 inches, 1911 models, while it fits belt 1 & 3/4 inches wide.

You will not find a holster with better quality than this for its price tag. Active duty, law enforcement, veterans, sportsmen and enthusiast all enjoy the convenience and comfort of this leather gun holster. The quality and hand craftsmanship instilled into this product by the designer would make this product last for longer years.

Key Features:

  • 100% American Steerhide Leather structure
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • You will not find a better quality leather gun holster for its price
  • Each holster is handcrafted to ensure durability and reliability


  • There are side effects to the use of this product
  • The use of this product may cause a sensation on the skin
  • Not for use with 1911 that have Rails or Commander Size

2. Orpaz 1911 Holster Fits Colt 1911 Kimber 1911 Sig Sauer 1911 and Springfield 1911

The Orpaz 1911 paddle Holster is another modern holster explicitly designed for detectives. The design of this product is in such a way that the holster is easily removable, but the gun is not easily removable. Nylon 6 Polymer is the material used in making the holster that makes it strong and highly resistant to chemical and abrasives.

The elastic holster has a customizable height and rotation feature that enables the holster to have two heights and for you to pull your handgun from any direction. The paddle holster fits the different carrying means available be it your vest, backpacks or any form of modular tactical gear. This holster is comfortable and durable. As you use it frequently, you will find that it meets all the demands of tactical operation units.

There is a Thumb lock & release mechanism that grants quick access and level 2 retention to users. The setting of this holster is possible through the use of an M5 Allen Key, which makes it easy for rotation and retention. The Handgun Holster has gone through testing to certify it efficient, and robust.

Key Features:

  • Thumb Release
  • 360 Rotation mechanisms
  • Fully adjustable Retention Screw with Allen Key
  • Customizable height and rotation


  • The holster is made sturdy and to prevent it from being pulled away
  • It is the elastic and robust body that makes it highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals
  • It is a perfect tool because you cannot pull it away except you push the thumb release


  • The holster does not protect the thumb
  • The position of the holster’s thumb button causes the thumb to disengage the thumb safety while drawing

3. Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster (Black) – Inside Waistband

The Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster has a design that fits only the 1911 3.5” Officer (NR) (Non-Sig) handgun except it’s stated otherwise on the package. The minimalist IWB holster is designed to fit comfortably inside your waistband under an untucked shirt to conceal the firearm properly. the producers of this holster used a .08” KYDEX precision in the design and crafting of this holster.

The precision in the production process ensures the holster had unparalleled consistency and is fit, durable and lightweight. There is an undercut trigger guard that keeps the KYDEX from interfering with your pull. Opposite the undercut trigger guard is an over-cut-open face that keeps the threaded barrels and clears suppressor sight.

You also have a full-length Sweat guard & rear sight shield to protect your weapon from heat and sweat. The holster has a fibre reinforced stealth belt clip that keeps your device concealed, leaving no one to know that you’re carrying. All parts of the firearm holster are held together by an all-black oxide steel screws which help users quickly make adjustments whenever.

When you holster your gun using 1911 3.5” Officer (NR) (Non-Sig), your firearm will make a clicking sound to let you know your weapon has been firmly secured and won’t fall off except the user wants it to. The retention pressure of the holster is adjustable through the black oxide steel screws attached to the holster.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable ‘Posi-Click’ Retention
  • Over-Cut Open-Face
  • Undercut Trigger Guard
  • Full-length Sweat Guard & Rear Sight Shield
  • Fiber Reinforced Stealth Belt Clip
  • Claw Compatible to Minimize Printing
  • Adjustable Cant (-5 to +20 Degrees)
  • All Black Oxide Steel Hardware with Thread-lock


  • The design of the holster is to be worn comfortably inside the waistband
  • The undercut trigger guard feature keeps the holster from interfering with your draw
  • Easily make adjustments to the holster hardware with black oxide steel hardware
  • Offers an adjustable post-click retention & cannot to let you know you holstered your device


  • You will need a rigid 1.5” wide tactical belt for the clip to grab on to
  • The holster design does not allow users tuck in their shirt without drawing attention

4. Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster for Concealed Carry

The design of the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB holster is to offer its user comfort, adjustability and concealment that fits their weapon. The design fits any pistol to which it would holster and ensure it has proper retention and fitment. The holster producer made this design with the thought of delivering all-day comfort for concealed weapons.

They provided the holster with a durable and flexible holster base, and a custom made retention holder. The holster offers a cutting edge adjustable retention feature that lets the shooter adjust the retention of the holster to give it the right amount of grip you need. The core of the holster base is of woven ballistic nylon and spring steel. Both features give the holster a firm, flexible spine which moves to fit whatever shape you take along the line.

The lightweight belt clips attached to this holster is adjustable so you can raise or lower them to suit the height or grip of your choice without the use of any tool. The back of the holster base is of CoolVent Neoprene, a perforated neoprene layer that breathes against your skin and edges out moisture to prevent moulds. The edge of the holster is covered with fabrics to bring comfort to the wearer.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Retention
  • Spring Steel Core
  • Adjustable Cant
  • Comfortable Backer


  • Custom-fit to your specific pistol
  • Comes with adjustable retention and cant to enable users to set their height and grip the way they want
  • Nice materials and construction


  • The clips are very hard to pry open to get over your belt, especially when following the manufacturer’s instruction
  • The gun fits, but the holster does not hold the gun firmly enough

5. OneTigris Minimalist Pistol Holster for 1911 45 92 96 Glock

The OneTigris Minimalist Pistol Holster is the best pistol holder made of compact and efficient design. The gun holster allows users to have their guns fixed securely, ready to go while executing other activities with their hands.

The producers of this holster made them made from 1000D Nylon material which makes the holster sturdy and ensures long-lasting durability.

This pistol holster was made with right-handed shooters in mind as it provides quick cross-draw capabilities. There are lots of attachment points to this holster to help make it easy to adjust and enable your weapon to sit securely in the holster. There is a hook & loop strap that allows this holster fits most pistols.

The MOLLE system of this holster enables it to fit perfectly to the utility belt, Molle chest rig or Molle drop leg panels. This is one highly versatile holster which would fit most handguns in case you consider making an offer for it.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable hook & loop strap
  • MOLLE System


  • Suitable for right-handed shooters
  • Provides quick cross-draw capabilities
  • Can be attached to MOLLE system, webbing or belt


  • Awkward to holster smoothly without entanglement
  • Too slow to disengage security straps
  • Flops and slides around on a belt unless you can catch a belt loop between the Molle straps

6. Colt 1911 5” Holster OWB, Paddle Holster fit 1911 Colt 45, Girsan 1911 MC, Variants 1911, Browning MK3

The Colt 1911 5” OWB paddle Holster is designed to fit most 1911 firearms. The design of the holster is made such that it slides securely into your belts and pants so you can quickly put them on and take them off. The size of the belt in which this holster entirely fits is about 1.5″-2.0”

The holster also has a fully adjustable rotation cants which enable the adjustment of all applications of this holster so it can take to your favorite position of withdrawal. There is also an auto-lock finger actuated system that keeps the weapon grounded in the holster until it is released by pressing the release button down as you draw your gun.

The polymer is the material used in making the holster. This material enables the holster to become lightweight, water, sweat and wears resistant. The manufacturers wanted to put out a material that can endure the most challenging operations, so they made the Colt 1911 5” Holster OWB which is ideal for military ops, personal protection, coaching, and personal protection.

Key Features:

  • Auto-Lock System
  • Polymer material
  • Trigger guard of the weapon
  • Index finger release button


  • Comes with Paddle design to securely slides on to pants or belt, and easily take it off
  • Designed to endure the most challenging operating conditions
  • Easy to clean and comfortable to wear
  • Withstand strong impact forces


  • Not all 1911 firearm would fit into this holster
  • May not be easily concealable

7. Relentless Tactical – The Ultimate Leather Gun Holster

The Relentless Tactical holster is a handmade holster for genuine US cowhide leather. The holster’s design comes with a versatile three slot pancake design that lets you wear the holster in three different positions. The quality of the holster material would suit anyone, even first-time users as the quality of this piece are of the highest leather.

The open-end design of the holster enables a user to carry a variety of slide lengths. The versatility of the holster allows users to maintain maximum comfort while carrying your weapon and also offer a quick draw and presentation when needed. Isn’t that awesome? The design of the pre-curved edges can fit close to our body while providing the user with easy access to their weapon.

If you want the best leather gun holster to use in your biddings, then this is the right choice for you.

Key Features:

  • Versatile three slot pancake design
  • Open muzzle design
  • Pre-curved to fit close to the body


  • Offers three slots for nearly every carry situation
  • Made from genuine US cowhide leather
  • Very comfortable to wear with good retention and smooth draw


  • Not cutout relief for the magazine release button
  • Has a snag on the front sight

8. 1791 GUNLEATHER Holster for Sig Sauer P226, P220, P229 Right Hand OWB Leather Gun Holster

Upgrade your carry holster from whatever you have to the Sig P226 leather gun holster made from American Steerhide leather. This leather holster is double stitched and reinforced around the edges to give the holster a comfortable and durable lightweight structure that’s safe to carry along all day. The design of the holster offers users convenience and concealment with its quickdraw design which makes it the perfect holster for your everyday activities.

The leather used is handcrafted to give the holster extra firmness and ensure that both the user and their firearm are protected at all times. The Sig Sauer P226 holster is a versatile piece of equipment as it can fit different version of the SIG like the P 220, P229 models as well as the H&K VP9, Beretta 92FS and all 1911 with Rail. The holster also fits belts up to 1 & 3/4 inches.

You will not find a better quality leather holster than this. The producers guarantee the users 100% satisfaction of the product, which lots of users can use include veterans, enthusiasts, Sportsmen, law enforcement, etc.

Key Features:

  • Quickdraw design
  • Reinforced American Steerhide Leather


  • The Sig P226 leather gun holster provides a comfortable, durable, lightweight & safe gun holster
  • Designed for concealment and convenience
  • Handcrafted to provide extra protection to the user and their firearm
  • The exterior provides superior retention, maximum reliability and durability
  • Moulded with a curve to better fit the shape of your hip


  • The leather used is very stiff and not flexible at all
  • Lacks a safety strap over the hammer with a steel thump break

9. DeSantis Small of Back Holster for 1911 45 Caliber Gun, Right Hand, Tan

The DeSantis Small of Back Holster is one of those holsters shooters carry in one position, and for this holster, the position is the butt up position. The design of this holster enables it to secure your pistol in the most discreet and least obstructive way for easy concealment. The holster accommodates the belt up to 1 1/2″ wide, giving it enough space to be concealed.

The holster comes with a standard adjustable tension device which would adjust the height and grip of your gun. You can always find the holster in carefully crafted black or tan unlined leather. The design and crafting ensure that the product conforms to the body shape of the wearer, so the weapon is not exposed to people.

Key Features:

  • Leather Structure
  • Adjustable tension device


  • The aesthetically pleasing design and protective finish for the weapon
  • Best small of the back holster for 1911
  • Leather design conforms to the body shape for comfort


  • Can be difficult to draw the gun

Essential Factors To Put Into Consideration When Buying An In-Wall Safe

Having full knowledge of what to expect when you purchase the Best 1911 Holsters, its pros, cons, and specifications are not enough. That is why I would love to introduce you to some crucial factors that you must consider to make the best choice!


Concealment is the surprise factor that you pull when responding to an attacker who is coming at you. Concealment allows you to avoid that embarrassing situation where your gun gets exposed to people. So if the holster cannot properly hide your rifle, then it may not be worth buying.


You should be able to quickly draw your gun from where you concealed it with ease. Any holster you’re purchasing should be able to allow you to perform this function and also allow you to gain a full grip of your gun while still allowing you to release the retention device.


Any holster you want to buy should be able to give you comfort when you’re carrying.


Apart from buying guides, I also include the FAQ! This is the section where I provide answers to questions frequently asked on the best 1911 Holsters. I’m sure by the time you go through them you won’t be disappointed!

My holster is too tight! What’s the best way to break it in?

If you buy a new holster, especially the leather ones, and you find it too tight to fit your weapon, you should work with the holster. The leather would loosen up a bit after days of use. You should use it for about 25 to 35 draws by then which you can measure progress with the leather.

What types of snaps does the holster have?

The holster would come with either standard or high tension snaps. You can also find some cases with “pull the dot” snaps. These are one-way snaps and will only snap on and off when pulled in a specific direction. These snaps are used for additional security when it is essential that the snap not come undone.

How do I choose a holster for concealed carry?

Choosing a holster for your concealed carry will depend upon many factors. One of which is that the weapon you choose works with your physical characteristics. However, only you can decide which holster will work best for you and the chances are that no one single holster will meet all of your requirements.

My Top Pick

Now, you know what to do and what things to consider making the right choice. Put everything written in this article into use and come up with the best decision!

My top pick for the best 1911 Holsters is Relentless Tactical – The Ultimate Leather Gun Holster because it has lots of features and is quite versatile as it can serve many purposes.