3 Basic Tips For Packing Light

3 Basic Tips For Packing Light

Travel is fun, except for the part where you have to drag a couple of extra-large bags across the airport. But here’s the thing. You do not need to pack a bag full of stuff if you’re planning to spend only one to two nights out of town. To save you from a painful travel experience, here are some tips for packing light.

  1. Clothing choice

Packing light is not only about the number of clothing articles you are planning to fit in your bag. It’s also about what type of clothes you choose to bring. As much as possible, do not take bulky jackets and giant boots. If you’re planning to travel somewhere cold, opt for lightweight coats made of merino wool. Always consider thickness and weight for all items you are planning to take with you. To avoid overpacking, wear the stuff you need at your trip destination.

  1. Small suitcases

Small suitcases are lighter and easier to carry. It also gives you minimum space to allow you to bring only the essentials. This is a good thing because we all have a tendency to pack things we do not need and end up not using. Go for bags no bigger than the standard carry-on size. Aside from saving you from a lot of hassle, small suitcases also prevent over baggage fees. The logic is simple: downsize luggage size to force yourself to carry less.

  1. Toiletries

Toiletries take up a lot of bag space. So, if you’re en route to a city marked with convenience stores mile per mile, there is no need to bring the entire bathroom with you! At your destination, spot the nearest 7/11 and get the stuff you need. You will surely save a lot of space and you would not have to carry heavy liquids in your bag that might end up in the bin.