What is a Rimfire Scope?

What is a Rimfire Scope?

Rimfire scope is an instrument that is appropriate for short-distance shooting, and they are specifically for rifles with low recoil. Also, they have minor eye relief. It is vital to have a parallax scope setting for your rimfire scopes because it is for close-distance shooting.

A scope with no parallax error rectification adjustment will be difficult to use when focusing on your prey. When you use a rimfire scope with low recoil rifles, it enhances your chance of low recoil. It could be frustrating if you have to keep aiming without having a perfect target.

Let’s consider more reasons why a rimfire scope is best for short-distance shots.

  • Rimfire ammunition is lightweight and can only serve for short-distance shooting. When you attempt to use a rimfire for a long-distance shot, the slightest wind can affect your shot.
  • Rimfire is appropriate when shooting at tiny moving targets and target exercises.
  • Rimfire scopes have a smaller elaboration range of about 2-7X or at most 3-9X. It is said to be of low quality compared with other scopes; they are only suitable for low-caliber missiles. On the contrary, rimfire can use another normal scope on a rimfire rifle.

Types of rimfire scope.

  • Nikon Prostaff P3 Target is a scope that suits different minimal game hunts. It has an extra-fine prey reticle.
  • Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical has a long-term warranty. It is a pocket-friendly rimfire package with precision.
  • Vortex has MOA or MRAD articles and turrets; it has a flexible elevation and windage.
  • Athlon Optics Argos BTR is one of the standard base-class optics. It has a side focus that ranges from 10 yards to eternity, FFP guts with 33mm tube, and elucidated reticle.
  • Tract Optics 22 FIRE has a parallax that stations at 50 yards. Its height and windage adjustment stay at ┬╝inch at 50 yards and with decent spring-loaded zero resets. Tract optics 22 FIRE comes with a BDC or T-Plex reticle for high-velocity ammunition. It has perfect plus stringers and an accurate rifle.
  • Leupold VX-3 is the best when it comes to versatility and clarity. It has a great magnification light package. Leupold’s transparency makes it suitable for long-distance rimfire hunters.
  • Nightforce ATACR is superb for a long-distance precision optic.

Features of Rimfire Scope.

Before getting a rimfire scope, it is best to know the features to look out for in your scope.

Here are some of the features of a rimfire scope.

  • Focal plane.

It comes with two focal points within the tube; there, the reticle is fixed. When you dial the elaboration of an FFP scope, its reticle evolves larger than normal. On the contrary, the SFP will maintain its size irrespective of the magnification. Most shooters prefer the SFP scope because the crosshairs remain clear, the same as the prey.

  • Turrets.

It has two types of rifle scopes. First, we have the capped turrets that can be adjusted at once when you zero a rifle. The second is the exposed turrets which can be modified manually in the field. Capped turrets are suggested for hunting, while exposed turrets are suggested for matching.

  • Modifiable Parallax.

 It allows your scope to float in and out; or around when you focus on your target. It will occur when your target and reticle do not meet at the same focal plane.

  • Reticle Design.

The duplex crosshairs make placing on a target fast; it offers a clear sight image.

  • Power.

Most people consider the degree of magnification when purchasing an optic.

What is Rimfire ammunition?

Rimfire ammunition has primer sighted at the bullet casing rim. It is only valuable for portable caliber weapons. The cartridge crushes with the firing pin to light the primer.

Here are the reasons most shooters opt for rimfire bullets.

  • It is best for small game hunting.
  • It is pocket-friendly.
  • It is ideal for using weapons that have low recoil and for starters.
  • Rimfire ammunition rounds are not readable.
  • It is for large weapons.
  • It comes in a light casing, and it alters the zeroing process.
  • It is robust, accurate, and reliable.
  • It is best for self-defense and military use.

What are the pros and cons of rimfire ammunition?


  • It is affordable because it’s much easier to produce. It is easier to build a thin-walled cartridge with a flat bottom.
  • It is best for training. For someone who has not been shooting before, rimfire ammunition is ideal for training.
  • It has low recoil that makes it also perfect for training purposes.


  • Rimfire ammunition is not readable; this happens because the primer is at the bottom of the case.
  • It is limited to smaller calibers.
  • It has reliability problems.

How to install a rimfire scope?

  1. Set up your workspace. When setting up for the installation, choose the appropriate instrument size and space. The equipment you will need depends on the rifle types and scope types. We have different kinds of instruments such as;
  2. Workbench
  3. Scope base
  4. Leveler
  5. Scope ring
  6. Set of screwdrivers
  7. Vice
  8. Deg reading agent.
  1. Pay attention to rings and bases. Match your rifle with the scope before buying. There are two typical base setups and scopes ring. For a hunting rifle setup, you need to screw the rifle pin properly. For long-distance shooters, you should mount on the scope with rifles.
  2. Stable your gun. Keep your gun on something that will make your rifle stand straight or on a vice. If your rifle is not steady, you cannot mount the scope correctly.
  3. Mount bases. Apply some oil beneath the rail when you are using a rail; this will deter corrosion. Avoid allowing the oil to have contact with the screw.
  4. Position the scope. When you fix the barrel clamp on the index level after tightening it, but the reference point on the perpendicular or the barrel. Use the micro modifier to level the clamp.


Rimfire scope should not be fixed on elevated recoil rifles. It is very cheap and most appropriate for beginners. Its short-range coverage makes it unique and preferred by most shooters. The best way to enjoy using the rimfire scope is to get an excellent instrument to have it fixed with proper maintenance culture.